jonny grass
jonny grass
Evidence-based UX Design

Make Myki Prettier Challenge

My approach was to focus on simplicity for both aesthetics and usability.

My vision includes 3 changes.

  1. A redesigned homepage with a unifying tagline and illustration about the brand.

  2. Simplified navigation that’s more consistent with that of competitors.

  3. A Pricing page that offers a comparison table for better usability.

I drew inspiration from the G Suite, Slack, and Evernote websites (among others).

Myki Homepage Orb Glow Copy 5.jpg

1. Redesigned Homepage

The redesigned Homepage offers a few benefits over the current Homepage.

  1. More efficient navigation

  2. A tagline that highlights Myki’s value (offline password management).

  3. An illustration that reinforces this benefit.

2. More efficient Navigation

Myki currently uses 4 tabs to show all product features and pricing.

I proposed collapsing these into 2 tabs.

  1. A ‘Features’ page to show all available features across all products.

  2. A ‘Pricing’ page to easily compare pricing and features across products.

3. More Efficient Pricing Page

Myki currently uses a scrollable page for pricing. It’s highly visual, but not efficient for comparison.

Baymard Institute research shows that easy comparison is essential to usability.

A new Pricing page layout would include a table for easy comparison of prices and features.

UX Research: 3 Key Design Principles for Product Listing Information