jonny grass
jonny grass
Evidence-based UX Design


CareerFoundry is an online tech education company that offers hands-on UX courses.

Students go through a self-paced UX curriculum with the frequent feedback and guidnace of a tutor (my role) and a mentor (senior designer).

This case study is about communicating UX concepts and critiquing design deliverables for native mobile apps.


Courses I Teach

I help students research and design native mobile prototypes in two courses.

  1. A 1 month UX Fundamentals course.

  2. A 6 month UX Immersion Course.

The course structures are outlined below.

Course Projects

Fundamentals Course

Students research and design a vocabulary app.

Vocabulary App (Read Project Brief)

Immersion Course

Students design one of the following apps.

  1. Ink Tank (Read Project Brief)

  2. Expert (Read Project Brief)

  3. Vela (Read Project Brief)

  4. Schnitzeljagd (Read Project Brief)

My Role: UX Tutor

Students work with a Junior Designer (Tutor) and a Senior Designer (Mentor) in both courses.

Tutors teach UX concepts and deliverables, while mentors offer career guidance.

Students submit design deliverables. I give written feedback and approve them or ask for revisions. 

My Approach

Whether I approve each assignment or not, I offer 3-4 paragraphs of written feedback on each assignment.

My approach to feedback is to make it:

  • Specific

  • Actionable

  • Accessible (i.e. plain language)

  • Evidence-based (i.e. recommend reading)

  • Encouraging

Careerfoundry Comments for studetns


Students have an opportunity to rate my feedback on each individual assignment.

My near-perfect ratings across more than 500 reviews in 4 courses are a testament to my UX communication and collaboration skills.