jonny grass
jonny grass
Evidence-based UX Design

969 NYC Coffee Website

969 NYC Coffee is a Japanese cafe that needed a website to extend its brand.

As the UX researcher and UX/UI designer on this project, I identified user preferences and needs for the site through user research.

This case study is about using original user research to design and brand a user-centered responsive website.


Design Approach

My approach relied on a 3 stage process.

  1. User, competitor, and online research.

  2. Wireframe responsive layout for website.

  3. Create page layouts, copy, and visual design.

User Research Methods

I sought to answer 3 research questions:

1. Who are our customers?

2. How do customers feel about 969 NYC Coffee? What draws them to the cafe?

3. What value can the site add to the current online landscape? What is lacking?

User Research Findings

My key findings were:

  1. Users are local. Many are return customers.

  2. Customers are passionate about the food, the owner, and its neighborhood feel.

  3. The online presence lacked key information.

Ideation and Organization

Based on my findings, I created a simple information architecture.

I created pen and paper sketches for different concepts, selecting a responsive grid layout that stacks nicely on mobile.

Homepage Wireframes

I spent the most time designing the Home page with two priorities.

  1. Highlight the cafe’s strongest brand assets: the food, the owner (Oda), and the cafe’s customer passion.

  2. Design a responsive layout that works well on any browser, especially on mobile screens.


Other Page Wireframes

Based on my research, I also included pages for:

  1. Oda, the cafe owner.

  2. The cafe’s menu.

  3. The Japanese snack products that were not easily found in this neighborhood.

  4. The cafe’s physical space and amenities.

Site Copy and Visual Design

The final site extended the warmth and pride that customers love about Oda, the owner.

I used a few strategies to do this.

  1. Warm, inviting copy that uses Oda’s own words.

  2. Beautiful food imagery that places food front and center.

  3. Playful iconography to extend the warm, playful brand throughout the site.